Volume Powder – The Magic Formula

It’s a kind of magic! An ultra-fine powder gives the hair body, lift and texture. Without stickiness or weight. Completely invisible.

Thanks to LA BIOSTHETIQUE’s high-tech formula it’s a kind of magic that is now a reality. The specialist for efficient luxury cosmetics is launching another innovative styling product: VOLUME POWDER. Its secret lies in its tiny silica gel particles. They encapsulate styling substances that are released on application where they develop their intensive effect. In the toss of a head, limp, fine hair is given more lift and volume – for 24 hours.

The two-phase technology is really quite simple. LA BIOSTHETIQUE’s experts have made use of a natural property of water: surface tension. Surface tension is the reason water is visible as drops. Thanks to a technological tour de force, they succeeded in making silica gel water-repellent with such a microfine dispersion that it places encapsulates and divides every single drop of active ingredient. The result: A product that is a powder instead of a liquid.

Relaxed bedhead looks are super easy to create with VOLUME POWDER. The product is perfect for on the go, when you don’t have much time to wash your hair and completely restyle it. It is quick to use wherever you are. Simply sprinkle the powder on the roots, rub in and you’re done!

Visit La Bimbi to add Volume Powder to your ‘Must Have’ kit.

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