Sara Burke’s Amazing Journey

Siren Marketing Apprentice Awards Scholar Sara Jayne Burke won Judges’ Recognition in the apprentice category of this year’s Hair Expo Awards, but that’s been just the beginning of an amazing journey that this Canberra apprentice has created for herself.

Last week this fourth year apprentice was in Paris, soaking up the new season La Biosthetique Trend Collection after being voted by the La Bimbi team as the staff member most worthy of the study tour.

“I was so excited not only that I won the trip and what I’d learn but that I had the support of everyone in the salon,” Sara said.

To cap off the dream run, Sara Jayne won the title of IHS National Junior of the Year.

The title was hers after coming first in the Junior Ladies Cut, first in the Junior Men’s Cut, second in the Junior Ladies Catwalk and first in the Open Men’s Colour.

Back in March this year, Sara could not leave the salon in Canberra for a mid-week trip to the Hair Expo finalists announcement, so she learnt of her Hair Expo Judges’ Recognition by text message.

“I was at home jumping around, I was so happy,” she said. “Then I starting texting all my friends.

“I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting to get that far.

“After all, I’m just a kid from Canberra ‘having a crack at it’.

It’s no surprise why dynamo Sara Jayne is doing so well with her positive attitude, endless energy and ‘never say die’ approach. She gets out into the community and seeks every session opportunity she can lay her hands on.

This ranges from listing on that has brought her session work with local designers, networking with the local magazines regularly doing hair for cover shots, hairstyling for modelling school comp cards, session hair for the CIT fashion graduation and working with local young make-up artists and fashion designers to build their portfolios.

“The industry is what you make of it and I just give it a go,” Sara Jayne said. “It doesn’t hurt to ask. You are no worse off if the answer is ‘no’. It’s worth having a shot.”

“I just contact people and ask if I can help,” she said. “Quite often there wouldn’t have been a hairdresser involved at all, without me phoning and suggesting it.

“It’s been a good thing as I have not been turned down too much when approaching people cold.”

Some of her recent sessions include hairstyling ice skater models for a four day event called Fashion on Ice held at Canberra’s Winter ice rink, catwalk hair for the Canberra Bridal Expo, and hair for a charity fashion show at the cool Canberra hotel, The Realm.

And with all of this experience she a great at rounding up hair models too. When she enrolled in an Alan White Session Styling course held in Canberra she ended up sourcing the models and make-up artist for the event.

“I am a bit of a freak, if I’m out in the shopping centre and see someone with a good look or hair, I give them my card and suggest hair modelling.”

“People usually respond in a flattered but nervous way, but it pays off as a few of them become models and it’s a nice way to get the La Bimbi name out there,” Sara Jayne said.

Sara Jayne Burke is supported by Siren Marketing and Hair Shots 2 The World.

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